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Customs and VAT

Selling in the EU can be complex. But it doesn't have to be.

With our partners we can help you with:


Indirect Representation

If your company is based outside the EU we can arrange indirect representation for your company to let you import and sell your products within the EU.

Customs Clearance

We can source a customs clearance agent for you who will file the necessary paperwork and ensure your goods don’t get held up at the port.


Reverse-charge Mechanism on Import: Article 23

If you import from non-EU countries to the Netherlands, Article 23 lets you defer paying VAT on the import until you file your VAT returns. We’ll help you get a permit to take advantage of Article 23.

EU VAT Registration

If you’re selling goods in different EU countries you may need separate VAT numbers for each one. We’ll help you apply and register for VAT numbers in whichever EU country you want to sell your goods in.

EU VAT Compliance

We can help you file your VAT returns in compliance with EU VAT regulations.


Eli Cohen,


“The team at MANGO Logistics helped us to solve our EU import issues very quickly. They also use sustainable packaging to fulfill our orders which makes them a natural fit for our sustainable makeup brand. We look forward to working with them for many years to come.”

Want help with EU Customs & VAT?

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