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B2B Logistics That Cuts Through The Red Tape

Whoever you’re selling wholesale to in the EU, we’ll fulfill your bulk orders quickly and efficiently.

Our B2B Solutions


Want to sell wholesale to EU customers without worrying about logistics?


Take advantage of our B2B logistics experience. We’ll ensure your wholesale orders get to your customers swiftly and securely.


Direct to

Retailers have different demands about how they receive orders.


We’ll package your products according to the exact requirements of your customers so they’ll always love buying wholesale from you.

Online store


Running a bricks n’ clicks business has unique logistical challenges.


We’ll supply your physical stores at piece level when they need stock and fulfill your online orders as well. We can do it all.

Extra B2B Services

Order Consolidation

When your customers make multiple orders, they won’t want to receive lots of individual orders.

We’ll group and ship individual orders together that are going to the same destination to save time and give your customers a better delivery experience.


Not all your customers want to receive orders packaged the same way.


If your customers have different recipient demands, we’ll unpack and repack your products according to your customers’ individual requirements.

What's In It For You

We obviously think that we make a great partner.

But just in case you still need convincing, here’s what you can expect when you let us handle your logistics:

Faster Fulfillment

We'll fulfill all your orders and get them shipped to anywhere within the EU in just 2 days.


We’re ready to grow by your side. As soon as you need extra fulfillment services you’ll have them instantly.

Save Costs

Save money on packaging and shipping rates. Oh, and you don’t need to pay for your own warehouse, staff, and software.

Reach New Customers

We’ll give you access to the entire EU market. We can reach everyone.

Found the solution that you're looking for?

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